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Are your Contacts sold by the Pair or Individually?

All our lenses are sold and priced per set.... meaning the price you see is for two (2) lenses. Do NOT be fooled by other websites that offer a much lower prices but in the small print states their prices are per lens.


Are prescriptions required? 

Yes. The US Congress has amended the law to define cosmetic contact lenses as medical devices. As such, a valid doctor's prescription IS required for all lenses including plano (non-powered lenses). This new legislation helps ensure that you receive proper instruction on contact lenses and get the correct type of lenses recommended so that you don't ruin your vision. Please read our Prescription Pages for more information.


How do I submit a prescription? 

Your (or your doctor) can fax us at 253-851-2283, or you can email us a scan. Once we've received your prescription, we will keep it on file until it expires so you don't need to resend it as long as the prescription is valid.


Do you ship Internationally? Are prescriptions required for International Orders? 

Yes! We are happy to ship lenses to any international destination where it is legal to do so. A prescription is NOT required for Plano Lenses to ship outside the United States and we can fill prescriptions as well to our International customers.


How long will it take to get my order?

For Standard, Cosmetic and Theatrical Lenses expect to receive them about 10-15 days via UPS after your order is placed. For Prescriptions of all styles, Extreme Eyes and Sclera Lens please allow require 3-4 weeks for manufacturing and shipping time. from August to October the Extreme Eyes and Sclera Lens *can* take up to 6 weeks for completion. This is because of the busy Halloween season. These lenses are hand painted and made at time of order.


What do I do when I receive my order? 

When you receive your lenses, inspect them as carefully as possible before you open the vials. You will find that if you look up the the bottom of the glass vial you will be able to see the lens clearly. Make sure to check everything, like wrong color, design, discoloration, deformed shape, and cuts or tears. It is very rare there will be a problems, but if you notice anything unusual, keep the vials sealed, and immediately contact us to explain the problem. You must keep the vials sealed. Once they've been opened, it's generally impossible to say whether the problem was pre-existing or user inflicted.


If there are no problems with the lenses, carefully open the vials and try out your new lenses. Make sure to wash your hands first and pour the lens in to the palm of your hand. Do not attempt to "dig" it out, this can damage the lens.


Can I wear plano lenses over Prescription contacts? 

We do not recommend layering contact lenses. This is called 'piggybacking' and should not be done for health and safety reasons. If you choose to do it anyways, it is at your own risk and we will not assume any liability.


How are these contact lenses different my normal contacts? 

Our Theatrical lenses are painted with specially designed pigments that disguise the natural color of your own eyes. Some designs are opaque while others are more translucent. Due to the nature of the hand painted dyes, the custom theatrical lenses tend to be thicker than standard stock lenses. This can sometimes cause initial discomfort that will vary as some customers are more sensitive to the thickness of the lens.  It can take some time to adjust to the new lenses.  In addition, unless otherwise mentioned in the lens description, each of our styles has a small area in the center of the lens with no pigment so that you can still see. This part of the lens does not change size in response to light like your own pupils, so a common question is about the haze. Depending on the lighting you may see a type of haze in your peripheral vision.  As you adjust to your lenses, it is common to completely forget about this once your brain recognizes and adjusts.  For theatrical effect some of the designs have a very tiny pupil area, which can increase the haze effect.  Be cautious of your surroundings if you choose to wear one of these styles.


Are the Blind Eyes really blind?

Yes.  These lenses have NO unpainted area in the pupil.  You will have no vision when wearing these lenses.


What do the different Diameters mean?

This is generally the diameter of the contact lens your optometrist was fitting you for. Our diameters vary, it simply mean how large / wide the contact lens is. The Theatrical and Cosmetic lenses are all on average 14.5. The Custom Extreme Eyes and the Custom Sclera's are larger. That means that anything larger than 14.5 is going to start covering part of the whites of your eye.  It makes for a more dramatic 'theatrical' look but can take some getting used to.


How are the Sexy Eyes different from Theatrical Lenses?

Our Sexy lenses provide a beautiful effect without the dramatic theatrical design. The Sexy lines are made to have the appearance of normal eyes, just with much brighter colors. Each style will change the color of your own eyes. Only the Violet and Lavender styles are less effective on dark eyes.  You should note that sometimes the brightness of the lens can result from your computer computer monitor.  Our lenses (except the black lights) don't really glow.


Will my Lenses look exactly as pictured on my computer screen?
Not always. Please remember there are many factors in play. You are looking at a digital image that is relayed through your monitor which can affect the colors that you see. Because all Computer Monitors vary slightly you may notice a slight hue difference in your lenses. For instance, a computer moniter will often have many settings, such as cool, warm, neutral and even specialty setting such as movies, internet and media. Because of this we cannot guarantee the color will exactly match what you see on your own computer.


How are the Sclera lenses (18-22 mm diameter) different ? 

Our normal contact lenses only cover the colored part of your eye (iris), Sclera lenses are larger and will cover the majority of the white part of your eye (sclera). We highly recommend that you see an optometrist for a sclera lens examination. Not all people can wear this type of lens. Since custom lenses are non-refundable we want you to be sure that you will be able to wear your new toy. Because Sclera lenses are bigger than regular lenses, they can be difficult to insert. Be patient and practice. You will want to have plenty of eye drops (contact lens lubrication on hand. Because of the nature of these lenses, limit your wear time to a maximum of 4 or 5 hours, and use your eye drops for comfort. In addition sclera lenses often will reduce vision more than our others tyles. This is because not only is the hole for the pupil usually small, but the diameter of the lens themselves limit movement. This compounded with the haze (see above) can make vision difficult. We advice knowing your limits before wearing them for your events.


Can I sleep with my new lenses? 

No, our lenses are rated for daily or occasional wear and not recommended for sleeping with them in.


How long will they last? 

In general the lenses can last up to two years if you care properly for them. Follow the contact lens care instructions from your eye care professional.


Are these lenses FDA approved?

Yes all our lenses have FDA approval.


What type of solution should I use?

We recommend the Aqua Refresh multi-purpose solution. But any products that are for soft contact lenses will work.


Can I share my lenses with someone else? 

No, this greatly increases the chance of eye infection.


Can I get a refund? 

We are sorry, but generally the answer is no. Because of the Medical Nature of these products only unopened Plano stock lenses may be exchanged or refunded. We DO NOT offer refunds for Custom or Sclera lenses. Custom and Sclera lenses are individually hand painted to high quality specification

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